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The DECISIONTREE ENDEAVOUR Private Limited, registered with Registrar of Companies (CIN-U80904UP2018OPC108310), Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA), Government of India.

The  DECISIONTREE ENDEAVOUR Private Limited, registered with Registrar of Companies (CIN-U80904UP2018OPC108310), Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA), Government of India is committed to bridging the gap between academics and corporate need of the functional business world for Techno-Management aspirants.
DECISIONTREE ENDEAVOUR will provide Competency-Based Educational Learning Environment with opportunities and experiences, through which they become aware of, explore and plan for a career as well as to cope up with challenges of the Business World.
For the effective execution and realization of the above-mentioned task, the DECISIONTREE ENDEAVOUR is having the Corporate Academic Advisory Board (CAAB). The members of this advisory board are the high esteemed professionals of the present business world, Alumnus of IITs and IIMs and those prominent representatives from academia, business and industry provide inputs to this Board.


Innovation based developments in instruction redesign the conditions in which Institutions work. By and large, they tend to open up CBET model to improve learning conditions, both to the Technical/Computational/automated world and the physical and collective condition. They additionally bring new performing methods and models into the instructive framework, not slightest the training enterprises, with their own thoughts, perspectives and ideas about what the providence of instruction can hold. In spite of fears of "marketisation", the training business could be a fundamental accomplice in any instruction advancement methodology.
Rather than being viewed as similarly as service providers and enterprises, distinctive association/connections among Educational Institutions and Corporate/ industry/ Financial Institutions could encourage an advancement well-inclined condition, with a more noteworthy spotlight on strategies over advances.
Understanding the training and skilling enterprises better, including their need & demand market structures and development forms, would make a more develop association with the instruction segment. Advancement in the business – which builds up the items and administrations that could drive development in institutions – does not occur in confinement from what is going on in the instruction division. Just when there is an advancement neighbourly culture in instruction frameworks, bolstered by a development well-disposed business condition and approaches, will ventures begin to take part in exposure escalated innovative work. Governments can strengthen this by encouraging an atmosphere of business and development in instruction.


  • Innovative instructive models, for instance in light of vital development, online research facilities and ongoing evaluation, which have been appeared to enhance higher-arrange thinking abilities and reasonable comprehension and by and large have improved understudies' innovativeness, creative energy and critical thinking aptitudes.
  • International coordinated efforts, defeating obstructions of geology and formal classroom hours. These give understudies knowledge into different societies and experience multicultural correspondence, and nearly copy the synergistic idea of the present proficient situations.

Business Intelligence & Analytics Lab (BIAL)

Learn From The Experts


Developing Regulatory, Institutional and Organisational Frameworks
  • Involving stakeholders
  • Reviewing sector-specific regulations from the perspective of innovation
  • Drawing a map of organisations
  • Strengthening links between research, practice and policy
  • Supporting networks and communities of practice
  • Developing financing model adapted to objectives and priorities
Improving Human Efficiency conditions
Ensuring Quality Standards
Improving knowledge Management
Exploiting the Potential of Technological Development


Education is sometimes perceived as a sector which is resistant to change, while at the same time it faces a crisis of productivity and efficiency. Innovation could help improve the quality of education, as well as provide more “bang for the buck” in times of budget pressures and rising demand.
DECISIONTREE ENDEAVOUR believes specific skills are needed to encourage innovation more widely in the economy and whether schools and universities are helping students develop those skills. Finally, it looks at national and international strategies covering innovation in education and beyond.


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